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Fascia Repair And Replacement Ealing Greater London

WANT A STRONG LONG LASTING FASCIA FOR YOUR ROOFS? Roof Techies will provide you with the best fascia repair and replacement in Ealing, Greater London. We understand your needs and are here to help you with the most pocket-friendly ideas for fascia services. Contact us at 07960231313 to enjoy benefits of our quality services at budget-friendly prices.

Fascia Roofs:

The Fascia of the roofs is a visible element of your roofline. It not only maintains the roof strength, but it also enhances the outer look of the house. The Fascia supports the gutter from the division to separates the interior roof from the outer environment. Along with adding style to your buildings, fascia guarantee that they’re working at the highest potential.

Its utmost importance requires the installation of fascia with proper care. If any damages occurs to fascia, possibly because of poor maintenance, heavy rainfall or bad weather conditions. You must address any fascia damage timely to avoid huge damage to your building.

Leakages because of broken or damaged fascia can cause serious issues to your buildings. This may lead to heavy loss in the future. Now, it’s important to know when and how you can keep your fascia in a good position. Here are some signs and tips that you require to repair or replace your fascia.


  • Cracks or pieces in the fascia board- If you notice some cracks or lines in the fascia board, you need to repair or replace it. If the damage is minor then it can be solve with the repair. However, if the damage is huge, then you should get a new fascia for your roof.
  • PAINT SHEDDING: If the paint coating of the fascia board develops damage for any reason, it is also an alerting point.
  • ROTTEN WOOD: Sometimes, rust or any decaying material destroys the wood of the board. Also, it may slowly eat up the whole fascia.
  • ALGAE GROWTH: If algae or water develops on the fascia, get a repair or replacement of the same as soon as possible.
  • PEST ATTACK: Sometimes, pests and insects eat up the fascia of the roof. Then, this is also a clear signal of fascia repair.


●     REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT: Any of the above signs in your fascia board requires a professional for repair and replacement. ( Repairing can only handle minor damages. Otherwise, replacement is necessary for huge loss).

●     REGULAR MAINTENANCE: Regular check on the fascia, roofing as well guttering ensures long-term health of the fascia boards.

●     GOOD MATERIAL: To avoid problems by damaged fascia, install a fascia made up of good material. Wood is a good idea for looks, but it usually rots up easily. Therefore, fascia boards of aluminum or similar are advisable to avoid repeated repairs.

●   VENTILATION: Ventilation is important to ensure durability of fascia. Make sure that your fascia gets proper air to avoid problems like rust, pest attacks, etc. for long-term usage.

●   HIRING A PROFESSIONAL: Hire professionals to maintain your fascia and roofing in good condition. Fascia repair and replacement experts in Ealing like ‘Roof techies’ will guide you better to keep your fascia in a good state.


Fascia and soffits come in various textures which are:

●   Wood

●   Aluminium

●   Vinyl

●   PVC boards

Aluminium boards or vinyl boards are best as per quality. Wooden or composite boards fulfill the decorative needs of the houses. Additionally, fascia in PVC boards are relatively cheaper than others.

Fascia Repair And Replacement Ealing Greater London

Roof Techies: Best Fascia Repair and Replacement services in Ealing Greater London

Roof Techies are always there to assist you in selecting the right fascia as per your requirements. We are experts in providing every type of repair and replacement service in Ealing. Furthermore, we offer different types of fascia that match with your home needs. If you are looking for a blend of strength, style and best texture for your fascia, then contact Roof Techies.

Roof Techies is not only the most trusted but also the most genuine company in Ealing. Many reasons makes choosing us an ideal choice to protect your house’s shed.

➢ The foremost reason is that:

Our company is popular for its best quality roofing services. We have already done a lot of repairs and replacements in Northern London. As well as we provide special skills in Greater London.

➢ Another reason is that:

We repair the fascia with proper care under the guidance of the head because it holds the strength of the entire roof.

Roof Techies maintains the guttering system of the fascia boards along with the repair and replacement at a low cost.

➢ Furthermore, what makes us one step ahead of competitors is that:

We provide no charges for repairs for the next 5 years after the installation.

Our company also offers a warranty on new installations, which means we replace the fascia boards free of cost.

➢ What more is that:

Our customer service is available 24/7. You just have to call us and our workers will be there to help you out within a few hours.

➢ At the end:

We serve our customers proudly with commitments, persistence and consistency and we never disappoint our customers.

Our Services:

We provide a number of top-class services with perfection and high quality which are as follows:

❖  Fascia Replacements: It is one of our best services. Almost all houses that were built in the late nineties need fascia replacement. We are experts in replacing the much older ones with the new ones with the latest equipment. It increases the overall lifespan of the entire roof.

❖  Commercial and residential services: We provide our services in both commercial and residential properties. Different buildings require fascia as per the requirements. We provide roofing services for all of them.

This service also includes free maintenance and quality checks for household and business properties.

❖  Grp Fibreglass: It stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic which is currently in high demand. This glass improves the quality and durability of roofs. Recycled glass and plastic is an invention to make the roof stronger. We have modern machinery and strategies to add fiberglass to your house roof without replacing the existing material.

❖  Soffit Replacement: Soffit is also an important element that adjoins the roof to the walls. If your soffit is damaged, we are here to replace it. We also offer free replacement of soffit along with fascia, but only in premium packages.

❖  Guttering Repairs: As fascia carries the guttering system. So, our other major service is repairing guttering. Whether the gutter blocks or it needs clearing, Roof Techies can do all that. We also check for loose roof tiles in this service for no extra payment.

Our company provides other services such as rubber roofing, cleaning drainage systems, installing new roofs and many more.


To conclude, it is important to repair or replace the fascia timely to avoid future problems. If you do not take proper care and maintenance then you need Roof Techies for repair and replacement of Fascia in Ealing, Greater London.

Our company has great expertise in fascia services which makes us the best in London. Our company’s main motto is to provide the best quality services to the customers. So, your solution for all the roofing problems is one and only, that is Roof Techies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best company that provides services for fascia Repair and Replacement in Ealing Greater London?

Roof Techies should be the first and last choice for fascia repair or replacement services in Ealing Greater London. A team of experts and talented persons makes it the best company in entire London. Our work-style and unique plans are our strength to tackle any problem easily.

Which material is best for fascia boards?

It depends on different conditions and different quality tests. However, aluminum is best in quality ,wooden fascia for home attractiveness and PVC fascia boards are cheaper.

Fascia board on my roof has algae. What should I do?

You should consult professionals for fascia repairs like Roof Techies. You should get the repair done if it is a minor algae attack. Otherwise you will have to replace it with a new one.

What is a GRP fiberglass service?

It stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic which is currently in high demand. This glass improves the quality and durability of roofs. Recycled glass and plastic is an invention to make the roof stronger. We have modern machinery and techniques to add fiberglass to your house roof without replacing the existing material.


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